Joan is the best English teacher I’ve ever met! I took three courses with her in intermediate and upper intermediate English. When I began lessons, I was afraid of talking in English, and if I couldn’t remember a word, I would freeze.

During our lessons, we discussed a lot of topics, and it helped me to overcome my fears about making mistakes during discussions in English with other native and nonnative speakers. Over the past year and a half of lessons, I can see a huge difference in my English level and my self-assertion as well. Thank you very much for all your help!



I am very grateful to Joan for her professional help in my English learning! Our six months of lessons was very useful for me because of her support, motivation, and guidance. Joan is a very good teacher. She is organized, well-prepared, and remembers all details about a student’s interests and family members. She helps to lead fun conversations. We always have something to discuss! Joan gave me lots of resources for future self-teaching too.

The most important thing for me is that Joan is a kind and intelligent person. The only thing that makes me sad is that our course is coming to an end.


I’ve learned so much from Joan in the past seven months. I learned about American culture and society from the articles that she suggested I read. I have also learned more about life in the USA from her stories about her friends and family. And of course, I’ve learned a lot of new English words and grammar rules.


Joan taught me a lot about business English from our lessons. I learned many valuable tips for presentations and the negotiation process. With her explanations, all new words were easy to remember. We used role-play practice during lessons to learn new phrases, which was fun to act out. Joan is definitely a better actor than me though!


The six months I spent learning with Joan was productive and interesting. I’ve learned about business terms in English, and I gained knowledge about formal letters and requests. Now I can add to discussions with my global colleagues and lead these activities after her lessons.

I still have room to improve, but Joan gave me a strong impulse to improve my English! I will always think of her with great affection.